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i. there are no galaxies underneath your skin. you are an insignificant speck of dust and no one will remember you unless you stop crying and start doing.

ii. no one likes girls with rotten personalities and empty eyes. learn to swallow rays of sunshine and plant roses in your eye sockets. the sunshine will choke you and the rose thorns will slice open your skin but pain is a sign that you are alive.

iii. do not mistake laziness for depression.

iv. braiding flowers in your hair won’t lend you their beauty.

v. you are not poetry and you are not art and you are not delicate. stop finding excuses.

vi. there is no beauty in this world but you will come to love it anyway.

— 6 reminders for myself (via usagi-png)
Track; 천 개의 태양
Artist; 캐스커 (Casker)
Album; 여정 (旅程) 143 再生
19:24 | [r] 33